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Name:// Rei
Age://: 15
Just because I smile.
Doesnt Mean everything in my world is perfect.

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I pity your destruction.....do you pity mine?

Saturday, August 02, 2003

:: Lileh 6:26 PM

okay so i ripped it from kens blog XD


1. Your REAL Name: Reina Ann >_> screw my last name!

2. What friends call you: Lily, lilers...lilith, lileh..lilah..Rei.,.etc etc

3. What your (ex) boy/girlfriend calls you: Reina (insert from our im:DeathKnight V4: We must be one of the minority ex bf/gfs who get along really well.)

4. What's a name you once wished you'd rather have?: Lily

5. What is/are the ugliest name(s) you can think of?: Dorothy

6. What would you name these if you had them as pets?
a. turtle: turtz
b. goose: uhmerz..I dunno!! trick question >_>
c. pirate: Drew
d. a hot boy: Seth XD

7. If there was a song about you, what would it be called?: "Undescribable (sp?)"

8. Name your cat: Leo

9. What would you name a ship you built?: Wind of the West

10. If you wrote a book, what would it be called?: "undescribeable"

Part Two - Have you ever...

11. Thrown up in public?: XD yeah

12. Eaten or drank anything spoiled?: yeah milk >.<

13. Had a rip in your pants you didn't know about?
: umm...nope XD

14. Tripped while checking someone out?: *coughs* who me? never.........okay so? maybe i did >_> I just climbed out of the Eclipse..with the music all loud..trying to look all cool..and i was checking this guy out with a smirk on my face..and then..it happened..I tripped on the sidewalk >_> they ended up laughing.. pfft!

15. Had to pay for something you broke?: o_o nope

16. Nearly drowned?: Yeah

17. Passed out?: Yeah

18. Had a crush on somebody NOT single?: oh uh yeah, of course. o_O;

19. Been stuck in the rain?: Yeap

20. Been attacked by an animal?: yeah..a dog ._.

21. Caught people having sex?: o_O;; um..no? I dont want to!

22. Fallen asleep while driving?: not yet o_O

23. Felt attracted to someone of the same sex?: O_o Uhm..No.

24. Actually slipped on a banana peel?: o_O no

25. Made a wish that came true?: No..

Part Three - Complete The Sentence

26. I once had a dream I was kissing: some really hot dude that i didn't know..we were running away from these ppl..o_O;; and like before we were..i was in a room..and he was there and he kissed me O__o;

27. I'm only racist (prejudiced?) towards: racists *hiss*

28. I don't even know why I: people are so goddamn sensitive

29. I'd give anything to have sex with: Honestly? lesse...i can't say..to embarassing at the moment he'd think like i am some obsessive freak person..I don't want to scare him away XD;;

30. Nothing sucks more than having to: wash the dishes

31. If I had six bucks I'd buy: bubblegum

32. It's hot. I should take off my: o.O;; i'd say shirt but then..you'd be like w00t w00t XD; so i am saying..uhh...socks? rofl! i dunno

33. It's always more fun if you: fwap someone with a squeakie >_>

34. You can't eat steak without: ..a knife?

35. You better shut up before I: bite you

36. Just put it in my: backpack

37. I really like you and everything: but your just not my type =/

38. I'm not who you think I am, I am: the worlds worst person

39. Dude! Where's my: keys?

Part Four - What would you do if...

40. A dirty old guy at the airport slaps your ass?: flick him off.

41. You witness somebody about to steal your car?: whack him with my purse

42. You wake up with a billion spiders crawling all over you and your bed?: freak out..I hate spiders

43. You farted while giving a persuasive speech in class?: turn red o_O and continue on

44. The person you just kissed tells you they have oral herpes?: O_o;;; uhh..I have no clue..i'd just stare at them

45. A genie let's you have three wishes?: to be able to have some talent in drawing x.x;;, to be able to go back in time to change things of the past...*shrugs* just give me that.

46. The government allowed you to choose one thing to be made illegal and one thing to be legalized?: uhh....hell if i know at the moment..I don't care about the government..its one fucked up things..that needs a lot of changes. *is in american government at school*

47. Britney Spears was at your front door asking for jumper cables?: o_O; preppy! DIE!!!! *Strangles*

48. You had a time machine?: I'd go and see if Atlantis really existed. [I am sticking with his answer..that'd rock]

49. FOX gave you a half hour show to do whatever you wanted?: i'd probably have some gay program like that "brendon leanord show" literally gay! I am not ment for television o_O

Part Five - Would You Rather

50. Would you rather find the cure for cancer or the cure for aids?: Cancer

51. Would you rather have the power to fly, or the power to teleport?: teleport

52. Would you rather have the power to see the future, or the power to record your dreams?: i'd say see the future..but sometimes you don't want to know what happens...you want to let life..just be life. *shrugs*

53. Would you rather be really skinny, or really fat?: o_o skinny?

54. Would you rather be lost in a forest, or stuck in a box? forest

55. Would you rather be in a drama movie, or a comedy?: Drama movie.....XD

56. Would you rather be in a hip hop video or a rock video?: o_O;; rock? mebbe?

57. Would you rather have your birthday on Christmas Day, or on February 29th?: uhh..pick a day..probably feb.

58. Would you rather live in the sewer, or in Afghanistan?: Afghanistan.

59. Would you rather be in a mental institution or in a penitentiary?: Mental institution

60. Would you rather snow board or hang glide?: Snow board.

61. Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate?: Ninja...cool moves man XD

Part Six - What's the FIRST thing that comes to your mind when you read the following words?

62. Courage: to put all problems behind you
63. Driver: Accidents *just watched final destination 2*
64. Yoga: calmness
65. Bakery: >_> food.
66. Roach: die
67. Mushroom: salad
68. Sprung: something to do with sex
69. Exotic: dancing?
70. Pythagorean: theorm

Part Seven - Miscellaneous

71. Construct an acronym for these words.
(example: G M S = Give Me Steak )
a. S O L R A C: Special orientated living regents attacking china
b. C H I N A: can he inspect north america?
c. R P G: Role Playing Game

72. What is your definition of love?: Something No one..may be able to define

73. List 3 words that are clues to identifying a person you are currently interested in: Sweet, spiffy, and i loves going "^_^;"

74. Close your eyes, turn around, and then open them: i see a cabinet?

75. Were you too scared to do it?: No?

76. Who or what is your worst enemy?: Eric..the one irl..is my worst enemy at the moment *growls*

77. Who is the last person you kicked?: Another eric in summer school

78. If you had to be a chess piece, which piece would you be?: the queen o.o

79. Name three people you know whose names begin with the last letter of your first name.: Angela, allyson, alli

80. What's one romantic thing somebody's done for you?: hm...this is a tuffie..they put there arm around me and i fell asleep in there arms..

81. If you had to break one of your bones, which bone would it be?: my leg prolly...i'd get to use cruches!

Part Eight - What Is Your Counter Argument?

(Example: "You suck." ~~> "And I blow, now what?"

82. "Girls are nothing but drama.": "and boys are the core of the trouble"

83. "Only idiots watch The Simpsons.": "It makes you and idiot of critizing someone else"

84. "Kentucky is way better than California.": "And california is better than illinois"

85. "There's nothing wrong with stealing.": "if you katana is gone..it wasn't me."

86. "Alcohol is the answer to ALL your problems.": "I agree *downs some alcohol*

87. "You don't need to go to college to be a brain surgeon.": "care to give it a try?"

88. "Music is stupid.": "Just like you"

89. "Your car sucks.": "it does? then how come your staring at it?"

Well...I did a stupid thing...

DeathKnight V4: I have stopped seeking love.
DeathKnight V4: I hate it with a divine passion.
Lady Sibyl v2o: ...
Lady Sibyl v2o: that is the most biased thing i have ever heard in my life.
DeathKnight V4: It wont be the last.
Lady Sibyl v2o: That, ken, is one of the most stupidest things you have ever said for the long time i have known you
Lady Sibyl v2o: XD
Lady Sibyl v2o: sorry ken..
Lady Sibyl v2o: but thats dumb
DeathKnight V4: really?
DeathKnight V4: well. i'm sorry you feel that way.
DeathKnight V4: I'm going to go.
DeathKnight V4: I dont really need to argue with anyone like you, especially when I know your misunderstanding of what love is.
DeathKnight V4: I really didnt expect you to say something that.. idiotic.
DeathKnight V4: I guess even I cant trust everyone.
DeathKnight V4: ADios.

and then he signed off.
I hate it when i am around him....whenever i am with him..I feel as if i am the most stupidest person alive....like if i say something..i am wrong..and stupid..and argh
and whenever i say something to him..its wrong
and he makes me feel like i fucked everything up..like i am the worst person on earth.
okay maybe i am.......
i broke up with him..after repeaditly stomping on his heart, and now killed his chance to want love.
fuck i hate myself.
goddamn...everything i do is fucked....fucking fuck fuck fuck fuckity fucker fuck..
*bashes self*
i just wish i could change everything... i wish i could go back in time...
i would stop donna from leaving, i wouldn't hurt ken...
argh the world would be better off if i just died.
"oh to live my life one step ahead, to know the actions that will bring joy or pain, but now regret holds me in its biting jaws
i feel the teeth sinking in, wishing i could retrace my steps to start my journey afresh, but the teeth sink deeper and my foolish wishes cannot help me to escape regrets bitter hold" - Scribble of dreams

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

:: Lileh 12:59 PM

well..I guess i am feeling quite down today x.x
he wasnt kidding when he said i had a lot of competition..but really i am giving up..because if i cant get 'em with being me and not havin to show myself
he isnt even worth my time at all ^_~;

so now i am waiting for my note back from scott, if he isnt i am gonna bitch him out just for fun ;o)
naw..all my friends are like "omg he is so hott! @_@!!"
o_O I am like "err sure..ok x.x" *walks away* XD;

i guess he is "hot" *shrugs* hes nice tho
anyways besides that i havent seen brian in weeks ontop of weeks..
i feel like a deprived neglected gf, he never has time for me..its about time i cut this off..
unless he shows me otherwise x.x I dont know..
Sigh. no use really x_x
I am gonna be independent
I dont need a guy! X_X I can live without them
lol well i am out

Sunday, June 08, 2003

:: Lileh 3:24 PM

Dear diary,

well you could say i fucked things up..once again.
ken wrote an entry about the whole our relationship thing..
for one, I want him to know the reason i broke up with him wasnt because of him in anyway.
it was mostly me, i couldnt decide if i really truly loved him...plus the distance of not being able to be with him was the most crucial thing of all.

if he doesnt want to be friends with me anymore, I truly understand.
and ken if you fucking cut yourself i amma fucking kill you -.-' ass. *coughs* i believe i am so mean XD;'
owell, just because i broke up with him doesnt mean i dont care for him as a friend.
and ken dont give up, just because i am not the one or w/e, look for someone better
someone more you :P
challenge yourself.
sometimes people have things they screw up, thats probably what i did, i shouldnt of listened to blade.
i should of stayed with him longer and maybe spending more time with him would of helped a lot.
but instead i had to be a fool and fall for some advice my ex boyfriend gave me. I should of gone with my instinct, now I fucked up a friendship, a relationship and everything.
sometimes my life is so fucked up.
on a different subject
I found out something about my cousin i didnt really care to know, but then again it made me think...well kinda..not in that way, tho XD lol
well i found out my cousin isnt a virgin..which came as a big surprise! I am like "omfg...O____O" then i felt dumb, why does the whole world he can find people that care about him and look past his looks and stuff
but whenever it comes to me, no one really cares or likes me..i dont think i have a bad personality...
i think i am careing...sometimes i can act a bit weird and hyper, sometimes depressed or concerned about something.
its not like i am fucking rude and too freaking blunt, that would give people a reason to hate me, y'know?
and i dont think I am ugly..but then again i dont think i am the most cutest person a live O_o; lol i dunno
besides that i stayed up till 4 in the morning cuz my cousin had a graduation party and the cousins went to play a game which is kinda like capture the flag with water guns and in a forest in the dark at nightime o_o'
we won every game except one..and the one they lost, i was on the other team XD' so they took me back..I felt special.
i wished i could talked to Brian, yesterday.
I missed him *nods wisely*
for those people who dont know o_O like the other side of my random friends, Brian/ Eti is my boyfriend
hmm so information on him
he is 17/18
I believe he said 6'11 XD i dunno, but he is damn tall
and he is really really sweet ^_^' i've known him for a few months..maybe like 6? we've been i suppose best friends untill just recently ;P
ok..hmmzliez maybe more information on him later.
well i am out for now

Sunday, May 25, 2003

:: Lileh 12:55 PM

Dear Diary,

I have been so deprived lately its not even funny!
being grounded sucks..
but the good thing? is that i am improving my social life a bit XD' umm leeseee..i spent the night at my friends house, it was fun
besides that i found out a place where they sell Anime..and it was there a long time and i have lived here all my life not knowing it was there..ahhhh XD'' but its awesome!
so Ash and i went in there and bought some stuff ^_^
btw my birthday is coming up..its in like..2 days!! BWEEEEE!!!!!! lol
i wonder if jeremy will actually buy me something, I told him not too..XD well i mean i was joking with him telling him to get me something! but i didnt mean it :X
hmm besides all of that..
Stevie is now going out with brian =D how cute.
I dont understand why everyone is hooking up at the end of the year ..;; kinda scary O_o;';
i think this guy at school likes me..he scares me O_o he is all like "*stare stare stare*" and I am like "*blink blink..hide*" *nods wisely*
oo guess what i get to have a guy from an anime for once..cuz ash didnt steal him, she let me have him ^-^'

ok let us see here..
I have been emotionally calm lately, not too much depressed. I think the only reason i go online is for Blade and Ken..without them i would probably be more of an in real life person. I like the internet tho, i can escape from life.
but you know what? my parents want me to be more social maybe if they didnt have to meet all my friends and there moms before -.-;' I mean I am not a kid! and I am afraid to bring ppl around because my mom judges ppl too easily. she doesnt like ash because she dyed her hair blue..well streaked it and i was like "-.-...Hellloo i have red streaks..come onn XD"
my parents and i are so totally different *nod nod* hmm
my high school bible study leader told me i should love my brother more and i was like "who are you to tell me to love him when you dont even know him besides the face he puts on at church?" I swear some ppl are way out of it.
our convo went like this tho:

him:do you love your brother?
Lily: *irrateted* No.
Him: do you love your mom and dad?
Lily: Yeap

Him: Would you die for derek?
Lily: Nope

you can tell i dont love him XD' owell..why should i? he is an ass.

on the other view point of things
he took my damned cell phone!!! how am i suspose to call ken now!??! AHHHH *shudder shudder*
and he took my fav cd!!!!!! *twitch twitch*
owell...I will bitch him out once he gets home..

besides that
let me some of my weekend so far

Cat Seizures
Scary Mongooses
Mumblings of Yoshino
Watching Anime
Going to bed really late ^^'
and scary cats!!
Mr Spitz.

- Rei

Saturday, May 03, 2003

:: Lileh 7:43 PM

Stolen from Kens Blog XD

What time is it: 8.59
What day: May 3rd

Name: Reina Ann >insert last name< =P
Nicknames: ReiRei, Lily, Lileh..Lilith..Lilen, Rei...Rah Aina..
Sex: Female
Hetero/homo/bi: ..O.o Pick one

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Siblings: 1
Their age & sex: Derek, Male, 19
Birth place: Somewhere in illinois..I dont know for godsake!!
Birth date: May 27 [24 more days w00t.]
Height: 5'5
Eye color: dark dark brown
Hair color: dark dark brown
Sign: Gemini
Word/Phrase: "are you sure?"
Going to get married: yes..buahahaha
How old: Almost 15.
How many kids: umm none...that i know of ;)
Boy name (s): Kenny, Nick, Alexander, Parker
Girl name (s): Nicole, Lily........and yea..

What’s Your…
Color: Blue
Symbol: o.o;'; umm Peace sign!!! not really ...
Animal: Cheetah
Website: www.deviantart.com
Song: dont have one...

Places you have lived:
1. Lockport, Illinois

Places you want to live: (That I haven't been to?)

1. Japan

Where you see yourself in a year:
1. o.o;' in a year? umm Still wishing ken was here
2. Quiet as ever
3. Learning more about me
4. Not a Christian anymore. [you werent christian to begin with ken..no?] - My answer- > Somewhere
5. With the same boyfriend
6. just there.

Last year you were:
1. Messed up
2. Had a real best friend
3. didnt care about anything
4. finding new boards

Where you see yourself in five years:
1. in japan!
2. probably in school

With $1,000,000 I would...
1. make a starbucks O.o
2. uhh.....*coughs* buy my dream house
3. *shifty* I dont know

Name four people of same sex:
1. Jess
2. Ash
3. Stevie
4. Mai

Now, name one good thing about them:
1. Jess: o.O well jess is there, no jk she is a great friend and fun to hang with
2. Ash: great drawer!! i bow down to your skeelz
3. Stevie: Funny Girl!
4. Mai: great poem writer

And one bad:
1. Jess: umm...I dont know...O_o
2. Ash: thinks she sucks at drawing and you really dont!! -.-
3. Stevie: a bad thing? hmmm....I havent nailed one really bad thing, she is pretty cool.
4. Mai: sometimes acts too childish with her age x.x

Name four people of opposite sex:
1. Neil
2. Ken
3. Jeremy
4. Blade

Now, name one good thing about them:
1. Neil: Great person to game with because you were really helpfull ^^; and actually nice.
2. Ken: o.o think of your boyfriend (if you have one) and think of all the nice things you can say about him. now thats what I am saying.
3. Jeremy: really sweet guy even tho he is some tuff punk
4. Blade: great person to talk to and really nice

And one bad:
1. Neil: temper and judging ppl
2. Ken: saying mean things to me >.<
3. Jeremy: your soo bad at writing ppl back it isnt funny -.-
4. Blade: you expect too much sometimes and if you dont get what you expect you get kind of mad

What do you…
Want out of life: just to be left alone
Want from humanity: stop judging
Want in opposite sex: *coughs*
Want in a friend: someone to be able to really seriously talk to
Just want: to be left alone

What’s your biggest…
Fear: spiders..attacking me O_O
Dream: to End the revolution *coughkencough*
Expectation: .. end the revolution
Pet-peeve: ugh when ppl think they are so bad at something and really rock at it
Bad habit: feeling sorry for myself and believeing what they say
Good habit: o.o;' umm...i listen well?

Who do you think will…
Become a millionaire: Travis. [just sticking with that]
Become famous: umm damned if I know
Be an actor/tress: ptsh..i dont have enough friends to chose from
Be a rock star: Brandon
Be a clown: i am not sure
Get a sex change: i think you will o.O
Get a boob job: err dunno
Get pregnant before finishing HS: ten dollars i will! XD
Have no kids: Jordan
Never get married: Angie
Go to jail: 10 dollars i will!
Be a model: Tiera
Have a serious sex fetish: *coughs* *shifty*
Become a masked murderer: the lil green man
Live in a trailer: Mike
Fall off the face of the earth: probably me...
Never grow up: definatly me!

Food: Enchiladas
Name: Lilian Nicole Howell >>*coughs coughs coughs*<<
Color: blue
Animal: Cats
Person: no one...
Crayon: Blue
Thing: safety pins
Website: deviantart
Saying/Phrase from a song: "do you know how far this has gone?
just how damaged have I become?
when I think I can overcome
it runs even deeper."

Saying/Phrase from a movie: dont watch too many movies
Letter: o.O A
Number: 4
Candy: Pixie sticks
Soda: Vanilla coke
Drink: Wine
Magazine: this one anime one
Article of clothing: my braclet that i got from ken, if he will ever send it *cough cough*
Type of movie: comedy and romantic
Movie: dunno
Type of Music: everything except country.
Store: that one store in the mall..ya you know..Hot topic XD
Weapon: umm...bows or w/e and swords
Restaurant: Purple Onion
Season: Winter.
Holiday: My birthday!! its a holidaayy
Comic: erm...Love Hina

What are you…
Wearing: pj bottoms , and a short blut top with blue sweatshirt
Thinking: "when will this be over"
Listening to: silence
Wondering about: ken really paying attention to me

Last thing you…
Read: This quiz
Thought: "stupid question"
Felt: indifferent
Wore: red bottoms and red top
Read (book): err Secrets
Did: o.o;'; poked you
Listened to: the television
Watched: umm...Boy meets world
Ate: Pizza
Bought: a cd?
Drank: some coke..
Said: I cant say..*cough* XD...lets say nothing right o.<

Last time you…
Talked to someone: just now my mom!
Cried: earlier today
Ate a pickle: O.o for dinner long time ago
Ask someone for help: a day ago
Told someone how you felt: 10 mins ago.
Went outside: *shifty*...I dont go outside
Took a shower: this morning
Gave a shower: o.o;;; sounds kinky
Drank Lemonade: long time ago
Thought about death: not really o.o
Thought about suicide: today!
Spent money: ummm for lunch on friday
Went to the beach: umm few months ago
Swam: few months ago
Went to church: last sunday
Went to a concert: Never
Who’s concert: Never gone to one!

Have you ever…
Loved anyone: Yes.
Hated anyone: Yes.
Done anything illegal: well *shifty* does it look like i did something illegal?
Wanted to disappear: Yes.
Wanted to die: Yes.
Done something out of spite: Yes.
Lied to someone on the internet: Yes.
Stolen: Yes.
Had alcohol: Yes.
Did any illegal drug: Never.
Wanted to kill: Yes.
Have you killed:...thats for me to know
Been to jail: No! I am innocent..remember ^^
Died your hair: I got streaks..

Do you have…
Any piercing: yeah
Are you going to get any: yes
If yes, where: i wanna get my belly button pierced
Any Tattoos: Nope
Are you going to: Yeap.
If yes, where: on my back
Of what: a baby tiger jumping out

More you
First name: Reina
Middle name: Ann
Last name: ...blah
What do you want to be: Rich!
Your strength: dont have one
Your weakness: talking to ppl
Your pets: Leo a cat
Religion: Christian
Religious beliefs: Christian
Medication: umm aleve?
Single or taken: o.o.....I am..I AM SINGLE.. Ken:.....O.o Me: Oh yeah..I mean..Taken!!
Parents: mom and dad?
College: Kyoto University
First thing you notice in opposite sex: there eyes
What kind of car do you drive: umm sorry mind went blank..what was question?
What kind of car do you wish you were driving: not sure
Is the glass half empty or half full: half full
Is Elvis dead: o.o Mebbe

Last person you…
Talked to: Ken
Listened to: Mom.
Dreamed of: Ken. [obsessed XD]
Thought of: Cows.
Touched: the keyboard..durrr

Have you ever…
Drank: Yea.
Smoked: No
Broken the law: Yea.
Ran away: Yea.
Cheated on a test: Yea.;
Lied: Yea.
Played strip poker: Me...? Never! i told you i was innocent!
Broken a bone: never
Played Twister… naked: O.o; i wanna try that
Had surgery: yes
Had a medical emergency: no
Gotten beat up: hmm..in what way?

Opposite Sex:
Blonde, Redhead or Brunette: brunette
Tall or short: tall
What do you notice first (honest): eyes
Must have: Personality
Cant have: Preppyness [I agree!}
Hair- curly or straight: dont matter
Hair-long or short: dont care
Personality trait: easy to talk to
Eyes: pick a color

Do you believe in…
Luck: Yeap.
God: Yeap..
Friends Forever: No. i once did..then forever came.
Abortion: no evil!
Horoscopes: yea why not
Premarital Sex: i am suspose to..knowing me i will have sex XD
Religion: yup
Aliens: O_o no
Telepathy: Yep
Love at first sight: no..never happened O.o cuz I couldnt see 'em

What do you think of…
Alt. Rock: sure why not
Rap: Its cool
Country: EVILL!! DIIEE
Classical: its aight
Heavy Metal: nice when I am mad
Hard Rock: its fine
Oldies: I grew up with it so i am ok with it
Punk Rock: Yeah.

Makes you laugh most: Ken
Stupidest person you know: Katie
Smartest person you know: Kristi
Do you have a crush on (not famous): o.o i have a crush on.....on.......*takes deep breathe* ken! but i am going out with him so what does it matter?
Do you have a crush on (famous): Eh. I like OTEP's singer. [O_o the one with the man voice?] my answer - > ugh..Chandler!!!
Do you go to for advice: if it is guy advice its definatly Angie, if its any other...ken or no one
Has the best life: *shrugs* everyone
Do you envy most: I envy everyone.
Knows the most about you: Donna
Do you know the best: umm...*shrugs* I am a loner.
Has it easier, girls or guys: Guys.

Which one?
Bitter or sweet: Sweet
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Sprite or 7up: 7up
Day or night: Day..perferably morning
Diamonds or pearls: either/or
Gold of silver: Silver
Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell: stairway to heaven *halo appears*
Land or sea: Sea
Sky or land: Sky
Love or lust: Love
B.King or McD’s: McD's.
Mountains or prairies: Mountains.
Wings or claws: wings

What time is it: 9:40
What day is it: May 3rd

Saturday, April 26, 2003

:: Lileh 5:35 PM

today was pretty boring, I talked to ken on the phone for awhile go me!
and then i played Priston Tale and while i was in there i ran into Neil, surprise surprise! so we partyed and played together for awhile. it was kinda fun actually and very amusing because this guy kept taking his kills XD and then he went on his other char that is like lvl 32 and showed him his place O_o;' XD
I guess it was kinda nice to hang out with someone different for once.
then i had to go for awhile because i had to print off the movies and were probably not even going anyways so what did all that matter?!
Sigh. big waste of time!
I also missed Justin! I was so mad at myself! my mom didnt tell me he came over..I really really really wanted to see him everyone says he changed alot like he lost a lot of weight and is really hott and shit O.o but i wanted to see him because i havent seen him in a year and i wanted to show him my changed self too XD
gosh people change a lot these days..you turn a corner and you see someone always changing.
change is good...only if it is for the good! if its for the bad its bleh
hmm i think i have ultimatly ran out of things to say...
I changed my tod diary!! ^^; XD i like messing with the html on there..i wont dare touch the html on here..because I am illiterate to there blogger html o.O; except for the basics
anyways I am out for now
- Later!

Friday, April 25, 2003

:: Lileh 2:05 PM

well i finally got my internet and stuff to work
ohh I am so proud of myself...arnt you proud? lol besides that a lot has gone on..well some stuff atleast...i think.
Brandy broke up with Jeremy.
*nods wisely*
sorry i am not writing much today watchin tv and makin food = D
but read this if you want:

Just because I smile
does not mean
my life is perfect

Just Because I cry,
doesnt mean i am Sad

I am Sorry
that I am so different
but look past me...to see something else

One liners